Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to our lucky raffle winners!

Our month of daily raffle prizes has concluded for the year, and what a success!  The Friends of the Mashpee Library would like to thank everyone who contributed to this inaugural effort.  We would like to offer our special thanks to the following groups and individuals:

Town Clerk, Deb Dami and her staff for coordinating the necessary permits and paperwork to make this raffle possible.

Mike Looney and the Mashpee High School for a superb job of printing tickets, posters, and postcards.

Stop and Shop and Roche Brothers for allowing us to sit outside your stores on those busy summer weekends and sell raffle tickets.

The management of  Willowbend for generously donating a golf package for four as a grand prize.

All the residents, and community members who bought multiple tickets and encouraged friends and neighbors to do the same.  The support and good will for the Library was truly overwhelming as you shared your stories of what the Library means to you and your family members.  Thank you until next year when we will be back bigger and better than ever, and hope you will all try your luck again!

Complete List of Winners:

August 1     Mary Feinberg
August 2     Terrie Barron
August 3     Peggy Martin
August 4     Carolyn Markowski
August 5     Polly Galliker
August 6     William Bryden
August 7     Mariana Duncan
August 8     Eileen Devonshire
August 9     Rita Waldstein
August 10   Theresa Mortimer
August 11   Allison Colleran
August 12   Paul Anderson
August 13   Melinda Carneiro
August 14   Laurie Mollenhauer
August 15   Cheryl Hansen
August 16   Lee Smith
August 17   Jackie McNeil
August 18   Lee Smith
August 19   Carolyn Markowski
August 20   Linda Zammer
August 21   Marliese Zafiropoulous
August 22   Julia Rush
August 23   Sue Hamilton
August 24   Bev Petrie
August 25   Ed Giangrosso
August 26   Jason Melillo
August 27   Chris Salvo
August 28   Silas Pappas
August 29   Connie Tulloch
August 30   Kevin Kilpatrick
August 31   James Johnston









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